July 14th:
Well… it took a while (four years) but …. SHALLOW WATERS is done. It has developed a mind and personality of its own over all this time, and now I am glad to see it spread its wings and take off into the world outside of my editing studio.
I’ve entered it into a selection of film festivals that seem appropriate, and not too big, and…. we’ll see.

Back from Alameda - another hurdle

The crew of our Shallow Waters reenactment, with Raymond and the good Samaritan (middle.)

I came. I saw. We shot. I left.

The filming on Crown Memorial Beach this past weekend went really well. The weather was perfect. 

We managed to find a remarkably fit and long-haired young actress to play the nurse/Good Samaritan, and an even more remarkable Raymond Zack look-alike whom I met on the plane to Oakland from Albuquerque (where we shot an interview with the father of Ray's god-son.) Together we got some some pretty moving images. We had a crew of three (in addition to me and the "talent") all of which consummate film professionals.

It was also a great pleasure to have had dinner with "D" Berry, Ray's foster-mother, who had never had lobster before. I got her try it. She didn't like it. It was worth the effort. She's a fabulous and lively lady.

Casting Call

The weekend of August 22-24, 2014 at Crown Memorial Beach, we're shooting a re-enactment of Raymond leaving the beach for the water and staying out there for 30 minutes. This shoot will require:

  • A man of Zack’s stature (approx. 280-300 pounds, 6’1-6’4), built like an NFL linebacker). 
  • A youngish woman (18-35) (with long hair), who can play the part of the Good Samaritan and walk / swim out to him and drag him in (not necessarily in one go). 
  • An experienced kite-surfer to make passes towards and around Ray (wearing a Go-Pro camera), and who jumps off to ask him how he’s doing. 

As all three characters will be rotoscoped into animation, color of hair or skin is not of any importance. Nor is the need to speak English.

If you're right for the part and would like to participate, email me:

Jaime Longhi, Producer/Director