Back from Alameda - another hurdle

The crew of our Shallow Waters reenactment, with Raymond and the good Samaritan (middle.)

I came. I saw. We shot. I left.

The filming on Crown Memorial Beach this past weekend went really well. The weather was perfect. 

We managed to find a remarkably fit and long-haired young actress to play the nurse/Good Samaritan, and an even more remarkable Raymond Zack look-alike whom I met on the plane to Oakland from Albuquerque (where we shot an interview with the father of Ray's god-son.) Together we got some some pretty moving images. We had a crew of three (in addition to me and the "talent") all of which consummate film professionals.

It was also a great pleasure to have had dinner with "D" Berry, Ray's foster-mother, who had never had lobster before. I got her try it. She didn't like it. It was worth the effort. She's a fabulous and lively lady.